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WooCommerce Credit System Made Easy

Transform WordPress Into A Powerful Credit Based Store Using WooCommerce And Fast WooCredit

Now you can offer any WooCommerce products, including digital downloads, in exchange for credit purchases.

Fast WooCredit gives any WooCommerce store an easy to manage credit purchase and payment system.

$99 $79 1 year support and updates


100% Secure - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Build Your Own WooCommerce Credit System Today

Simple Product Option

Quickly Create Credit Bundles

Turn any WooCommerce Simple product into a Credit based one and allow your customers to purchase a credit bundle. This can then be used to make future purchases of your products and services.

The credit purchase is created as a unique product and is added to cart just like a normal WooCommerce product.

Easily Display User Credit Balance

Once your customer has checked out a credit balance will appear on their 'My Account' page.

You can also display their credit balance anywhere on your site with the use of this simple shortcode


User Credit Amount
Credit Gateway

Dedicated Credit Payment Gateway

Fast WooCredit Pro offers you a dedicated Credit Payment Gateway and allows your customers to add products to their cart and then check out.

There is an automatic check to make sure only credit products are in the cart before your customers visit the check out page.

This prevents mixed orders and an overall smoother buying experience for your customers when purchasing any credit based products.

Checkout With Credits

When checking out with Credits your customers simply add the credit based products to their cart and can then check out with their credit balance.

You can also choose to turn your site into a credit only store, and all prices will be turned into credit values.

This creates a seamless order process for your customers each time they use their credits on your site


Use Credit Checkout
Buy Credit

Automatic Credit Top Up Notification

If your customer does not have enough credit to place the order they will be shown a dedicated credit topup link or button where you can direct them to order more credits.

This makes the process of ordering your credit based products even easier

Instantly Redeem Credits

Your customers can also instantly use their credits and bypass the cart and check out page.

Simply choose the 'Instant Credit Purchase' option on the products settings.

Then your customers just hit the 'Use Credit' button and immediate access to your product is granted. You can even redirect them to a landing page of your choice.

A new credit based order is created in WooCommerce and you can be instantly notified whenever a new order is placed.

Get With Credit
Fast WooCredit Variation

Support for Simple & Variable Products

Fast WooCredit comes with support for both simple and variable products giving you even more choices for selling your products with credit.

Update Individual Customer Credit Balances

You can adjust the credit balance for every individual customer, adding credits as needed. This is the perfect way to reward customers with extra credits on a personal basis.

Edit User Credit
Fast WooCredit Expiry

NEW: Auto Expire Credits

You can now set an expiry on the credits purchased. Credits can be reset any number of days after they been bought. This is great for subscription based sites or any situation where you want credits to expire after a certain amount of time.

Fully Localised With WPML Support

Fast WooCredit Pro is now fully ready for localisation with included Spanish, French, Italian and German translations. In addition we have added support for WPML to make your site multi lingual capable.

WPML Multi Lingual Plugin

Full WordPress 6 and WooCommerce 7 Support

Fast WooCredit is fully tested as working with WordPress 6 and the latest version 7 of WooCommerce


"It just blows my mind. If you sell wholesale items this is a must have pluggin"

After several years of struggling within different ecommerce solutions I finally found this pluggin which opens a whole new world of opportunities. I sell silver jewelry items with cost "per gram". They have a very low price (4 usd each) so I have to sell a lot of pieces to make a profit. I was loosing a lot of wholesale opportunities because sometimes my customers would buy only 1 or 2 pieces which was a big problem... Now I offer different range of credit packages and I only have to focus on the marketing of these packages. I can give cheaper prices if my customer buys a bigger package and this is just awesome. I am again in control of my business and customers can manage their own credit packages as they prefer. I can even offer the shipment as part of the paid credit and not to be paid in currency. You can even sell subscription credit packages in order to maintain a warranty price! It just blows my mind. If you sell wholesale items this is a must have pluggin.


Salvador Flores
Owner of Joyeria de Plata.MX

$99 $79 1 year support and updates


100% Secure - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime


Here Is What Industry Experts Say About Our Plugins

"built by folks that understand WordPress and have used it for years…"

Chris Lema - 

Daily Blogger & WordPress Evangelist


"fast and easy to set up while offering all the features and benefits of competing solutions"

Brian McLeod -

LoudMac Creative Inc

"nothing is faster or simpler when it comes to membership plugins"

Drayton Bird - 

Copywriter & Founder of DBA Associates


$99 $79 1 year support and updates


100% Secure - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

Dual Promise Satisfaction Guarantee


One Year Access To Support And Updates

When you purchase Fast WooCredit today you get access to support and updates for an entire year. If you find the plugin not working as described we will provide support and fix the issue at no extra cost to you. We even take suggestions for improvements and feature requests. If there is enough demand then you will see these implemented at no extra cost.


30 Days Risk Free Trial

PLUS: You also have a full 30 days to try out Fast WooCredit and see if it works for your business. This gives you an entire month to get setup and begin making sales without any risk whatsoever. You will love seeing credit orders on your WooCommerce store or your money back guaranteed.


Fastflow have been awesome and the support after purchase was simply first class. I will be working with Dave and the team no question.


PLUS Exclusive Bonus Plugin

Fast WooDownload

When selling digital download products it is unlikely your customers will buy more than one version.

After initial payment the product listing and buy now buttons for the products they just bought become redundant.

By using the Fast WooDownload plugin you can turn your product listing pages into direct download pages or use the button to link to a protected download page or membership area.

This is especially useful if you wish to simplify your site and create a smoother buying experience for your WooCommerce based customers.

Fast WooDownload is the perfect plugin to compliment Fast WooCredit if you are building a credit based download site. You get it included when you purchase Fast WooCredit today.


$99 $79 1 year support and updates


100% Secure - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime